Community events and information to help your child get ready for kindergarten.

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Month-by-month guides to help parents and caregivers help their children be ready for kindergarten.

In English, Hmong, Karen, Somali, and Spanish.

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Information for pre-K and kindergarten families.

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About Us


Blast Off to Kindergarten, a collaboration of community partners, seeks to:

  • generate community awareness and action in Saint Paul
  • support schools, families, and children in preparation for and transition to kindergarten, a significant educational milestone, by creating and promoting reciprocal connections and relationships in the community.


  • Children matter.
  • Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.
  • Diversity is valued.
  • Transition to school is a shared responsibility.
  • Positive transition to school is a critical step to a child’s success in school.
  • In partnership with families, the community is responsible for providing opportunities and resources so all children can reach their potential.


  • Facilitate community conversations about the transition to school to generate interest and action.
  • Invite and encourage diverse perspectives.
  • Provide accurate, useful and accessible information from various sources and disseminate it through multiple avenues.

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Explore kindergarten readiness guides to help you get the children in your life ready to read, ready for school, and be healthy!