Suggested Reading for December

Get Ready for School

Skills to Practice this Month

Talk to your child about your family, your culture, and your values. Talk to your child about his relationship to others in your family: son, big brother, nephew, and grandson. Talk about family traditions and customs.

Provide opportunities for your child to learn about other cultures in your community. Read books that feature characters from other cultures or countries. Listen to music created by another culture. Talk about the holidays your family celebrates and holidays that other families celebrate.


Gather family photos and make a photo album or scrapbook with your child. Try to find pictures of as many relatives as possible. To practice writing skills, help your child write a short description for the photos in the album or scrapbook. Talk and write about the people in the pictures, what makes them special, their relation to your child and why the event was important.

Play the “My Family” game with your child. Write the names of family members on paper and drop them into a bowl. Have each person playing choose a piece of paper and act out that person while others guess who it might be.

Do you know the countries where your family members were born? Find books that show photos of the people, clothing, and land of those countries. Learn and talk about the food, toys, games, holidays, and customs that may have been part of your relatives’ lives.

Collect family photos. Find pictures of family groups and individuals of all ages and races in magazines. Have your child cut them out and glue them to paper. Ask your child to sort them into groups by male or female, race, relationship, age, and more. Ask “What do you think…?” questions about the people in the pictures.

Get Ready to Read

Skills to Practice this Month

Invite your child to help with grocery lists, grocery shopping, and sending cards. Read aloud everyday-words on labels, signs, and lists. Write words that interest your child (like “banana”) using crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Make up short poems together and say words that rhyme. Make up your own silly, nonsense rhymes together. Sing songs.

Be Healthy

Skills to Practice this Month

Teach your child to dress himself. Help your child practice putting on and taking off a jacket or coat. Practice snapping, buttoning, and zipping shirts, pants, and jackets. Practice fastening belts and tying shoes.

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