Suggested Reading from the Saint Paul Public Library

Get Ready for School

Skills to Practice this Month

Talk to your child about different cultures and provide opportunities for your child to learn about other cultures.

Talk about the holidays, foods, and traditions of different cultures. Listen to music and explore the instruments used to make music in a variety of cultures.


Set aside one night a week to learn about a new culture. Cook its food, play games and make decorations that represent the culture, and share facts you and your child have learned.

The library has many, many books with folktales from around the world. Take books home from the library and read them together every day.

Learn about a holiday that you might not normally celebrate. Find out who celebrates it, where and how it is celebrated, what foods are eaten; and celebrate the holiday together.

Do you know a family whose culture is different from your own? Invite them over for dinner or to play and have the children talk about themselves, their families, and their lives. Children will learn about a new culture, discover how much they have in common, and make new friends.

Get Ready to Read

Skills to Practice this Month

Practice reading or talk about pictures in a book to teach new words. Ask “what” questions. Follow your child’s answers with another question. Repeat what your child says and discuss it in more detail.

Be Healthy

Skills to Practice this Month

Take your child to the doctor when he is sick. In the months leading up to your child’s entrance into kindergarten, it is important that he is well and in good health.

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