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Get Ready for School

Skills to Practice this Month

Talk to and play with your child each day. Give your child hugs or pats on the back for encouragement. Explain to your child that in school there are many, many children and adults that he will interact with every day.


Ask about your child’s day and have her tell you about something that happened during the day. Make this a special time between you and your child. Share a favorite book or sing a favorite song. Continue this special daily sharing time after your child starts kindergarten.

Encouraging your child gives her confidence that she can handle many different tasks. Children who feel good about their ability to learn will be willing to try new things and meet new challenges. Talk to your child about something she is proud of – a project or a skill. Ask her to think of something that was hard for her to learn or do. How did she feel when she was able to do it?

Praise your child for a job well done. Be specific and focus on how it’s done rather than the outcome: “Mary, I like the way you shared your toy with your sister.” Have everyone in your family complete this sentence daily. “I am proud of _____ for _____.” And “I am proud of myself for _____.”

Talk to your child about sharing. What do we share with friends at school? (A toy, a book, a story.) What do we not share and why? (A comb, a cup or a drink, a straw, a fork.) Create a game by writing the names of items on paper and ask if the item is good for sharing. Ask your child why or why not.

Get Ready to Read

Skills to Practice this Month

Spend time with your child each day by talking and listening. Talk with your child about what is going on around you. Talk about how things work, feelings, and ideas. When your child talks to you, listen and ask questions.

Be Healthy

Skills to Practice this Month

Help your child learn to wash her hands and face and use the toilet. Upon entering kindergarten, children need to be able to use the toilet, wash their hands and button, zip, or belt their own clothing.

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